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About Trophy Fish Taxidermy
My name is Darren Fontaine, and I am a fisherman at heart.  Years ago I had caught a beautiful fish, a Small Mouth Bass that I had to get mounted. I was not satisfied with what I received back and that day I decided I was going to learn the Art of Taxidermy. I been doing the Art of Taxidermy for over 10 years.

Because I am a Artist I know how to draw and paint and I am a very creative person who loves what they do.  If you love what you do and can make a living from it... to me that is success. 

I treat every customer's fish, animal or bird like it was my own.  Paying attention to detail and creating it to look like it just came out 
of the woods or water and NOT off the assemble line.

I do all kinds of animal mounts. Shoulder to life size mounts. But please remember if you bring any animal or bird to me to be mounted...YOU MUST HAVE TAG NUMBERS...NO EXCEPTIONS

Thank you and I look forward to creating a work of art for you.
Darren Fontaine

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Brown Trout 360 Skin Mount
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